Je Retourne (2018 Edition)

So: three years since I last posted to this blog, I’ve decided that I need to start writing again.

The past two years has seen my life has change quite dramatically: where I was once a gainfully employed single man living a solitary existence in a tech-filled inner-city man-cave, I have transitioned into a stay-at-home suburban pseudo-father-of-two with a loving partner, an energetic dog, and a shared TV. And I would’ve expected that the opportunities in which I could immerse myself in my preferred media would have all-but-disappeared… but, as it turned out, that was not the case.

Apart from a few chunky pockets of (nourishing) contract work surrounding my relocation, there’s been little in the way of employment to tarnish my days, and the evenings have been surprisingly full of opportunities to get my gaming in. I tend to focus a little more on narrative-heavy games in communal situations – whilst my partner is supportive of my gaming, I still want to offer her something in return for her relinquishment of the TV.

I must admit that I was initially surprised to have so much TV time available to me, given the part-time presence of a couple of teenagers… but it soon became apparent that they’re far happier in their own company, with their own screens. The access to streaming video – and the wealth of content discoverable therein – means that there’s less jockeying for control of the family TV. And whilst I was initially a little surprised by this, I soon recognised my own childhood in their actions: I was always quite happy to bail on the family TV and retire to my bedroom in order to play on