A Christmas Present!

Normally I’m a bit of a humbuggy Scroogey grumpalump come Christmas, but not this year!

FLOWER, SUN AND RAIN NDS In Store – awaiting collection

Happy, happy, Suda51-filled days ahead :)

…oh – and a happy holidays to all those who bother reading & commenting. This blog is one of my catharses, and there’s a very tangible little thrill every time I see a new comment roll in. Thank you :D

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Present!”

  1. Ohhh man, where do you LIVE? I’m in Australia and I’ve been searching and calling every story I can, but no one stocks FSR :\

    I “borrowed” it from the internet, and love it, and refuse to play any more til I have a legit copy in my hands.

    PLEASE tell me you’re not in the UK? it’s so expensive to import form there :\

  2. No mate – I’m in Adelaide, South Australia. I bought it from Berlin Wall, who can be a little slack in their supplier sourcing – for example, they’ve told me they can’t get hold of Soul Bubbles – so any decent games shop should be able to order it in.

    Don’t expect a Killer7-level of goodness, though :}

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