Back From The Dead (Part 2)

A little bit of this…

Jaguar Composite Video Cable
eBay resurrects gaming goodness!

…leads to a lot of this:

Tempest 2000
Tempest 2000. Is there a finer game?

Besides that… Mercenaries 2. Still. 77% through the second of three play-throughs.

This week: more of the same, with a little DS goodness thrown in. That must mean there’s travel afoot…

4 thoughts on “Back From The Dead (Part 2)”

  1. Travel as in holiday, travel as in business trip or travel as in something I haven’t though of?

    It seems like ages away with all the games I have to play at the moment but Mercenaries 2 is definitely a game I want to get in the future. If you are having three runs through the game for completionist reasons, then I guess you can queue up three runs for me too.

    Out of interest, do you know what your next game to be focused on will be after that and if so, what is it?

    (and on a side note, thanks for the comments/dropping by on Raptured Reality too, it’s nice to know someone is reading my (and now, our) rubbish. ;) )

  2. Nah, travel for work. At least it gives the DS a bit of a work-out :)

    Mercs 2 is great for the GamerScoreWhore (it gives out the first 300-odd points in an hour, and about 800-odd are incredibly easy if you play with a mate online), but a bit of a bitch for the O/C Gamer – put aside at least 120 hours to 100% the lot three times :}

    As for the next game… to be honest, I’m looking for some cheap wins off The List at the moment. I only need a half-reasonable partner to wrap up Mutant Storm Empire, a pinch of practise to finish Frogger, and a lot of luck to finally be rid of Texas Hold‘em. I’ve just got some dialog to check out in Super Paper Mario, and there’s a really close Ocarina of Time save kicking around somewhere that I’d love to knock off – not to mention the Jet Set Radio project I started a few weeks back (that alone would knock three items off The List!). And then there’s continuing practise on both Geometry Wars, the straightforward run through Duke Nuke’Em, and a simple witness test on Super Galdelic Hour.

    Which means I’ll probably just buy a bunch of new games and blow The List out to 75. Or something.


  3. Ha, my list probably has around the same amount of titles if not more. My constant buying of new titles certainly doesn’t help things, especially since I always seem to focus on the new rather than the older stuff I need to finish.

    A lot of the games from older consoles that I want to finish are reasonably big too, like Jade Empire for example. At least we’re both set for gaming for a while if we can’t afford to buy anything new for ages.

    Oh and on a side note, the changes made to Raptured Reality means that I’m no longer going to be using my online alias anymore and instead my real name. So don’t get confused eh? ;)

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