NXE Avatar…

The glasses are all wrong, and the hair’s a bit short, but the t-shirt is nearly a dead-ringer for my fave Young Gods shirt…

It's petee moobaa!

2 thoughts on “NXE Avatar…”

  1. Meanwhile, my avatar doesn’t really look like me and I think it is the hair. I have short, shaved hair but not as short as the options offered with the NXE, so it’s hard to try and create myself with the options given.

    But maybe that’s a good thing because the avatars are just a novelty (of sorts) and are just in good fun. Who cares whether it’s a true representation or not, it’s not like people are going to know for sure anyway.

    On a different note, the new dash is pretty decent as far as I am concerned. It is definitely the more subtle things (can queue more than six things to download, more than 2 people private chat, notification pop-up telling you who is playing the same game as you and etc.) that I appreciate more than the big things like the avatars. As for installing games, can’t really take advantage with my small 20GB HDD. :(

  2. I’m loving the NXE. Fast, much better layout, and the Avatars seem to strike a decent balance between the cartoon abstractions of Miis and the horrid Home avatars that seem to have migrated en masse from the Uncanny Valley.

    The Web-ified Marketplace is nice too :)

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