Mid-week Snippets!

I do so enjoy the opportunity to post something fun in the middle of the week, far from my usual week-in-review compendiums and all-too-occasional “features”. Just my luck, then, that a couple of things popped up today that deserved mentioning.

First up: Space Giraffe (for the PC) got a worthy review in PC Gamer and, in a blog post celebrating that fact, Yak mentions that Gridrunner+++ (a working title – but so was Space Giraffe) is slated for release on XBLA PC in late April.


But that reminds me that I’ve never mentioned its predecessor, Gridrunner++. GR++ can be held largely responsible for my return to gaming after a long, unfocused absence, and also my introduction to the wider social internet. Through this game, I’ve made dozens of really, really good friends, found a welcoming place to crash in every part of the UK, and… well, it was a gateway to a better life. Grandiose responsibility to be laid at a game’s feet, eh? But it is a thoroughly wonderful game, available for both PC and Mac, and totally Minter.

Please – if you’ve not tried it before, head over to the game’s page, and at least try the demo. Then buy it – for $10, you can hardly go wrong.

Secondly, and snarkily: just caught this snippet of a Kaz Hirai interview in the Official PlayStation Magazine over on EuroGamer. I’ll not get snagged by some of the more… “popular” bits, but will call out this quote:

We don’t provide the ‘easy to program for’ console that [developers] want, because ‘easy to program for’ means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?

To which I can only add this: hahahahahahaaaaaa ahahahahahahaaaa. Whee!

2 thoughts on “Mid-week Snippets!”

  1. I read a comment somewhere not too long ago saying that Sony just don’t know what they want to do with the PS3 nor what they want it to be about and really, I think the comment was spot on. It’s unfortunate that Sony dropped the ball so much with the console and while I’m already aware of what you think of it, their continuing arrogant and stubborn attitude is really hurting them. People like Kaz need to disappear from the company I think if they are to get anywhere near the popularity levels of the PS2 again.

    Guess it will be interesting to see what the future holds – both for them and my PS3 which sits there on my shelf being neglected (already) while I focus on all the other games I have to play…

  2. Hahaha – Kaz is one of their cooler heads, too. Remember some of the stuff that Krazy Ken used to say? “People will WANT to work more to afford a PS3”?

    Bless. Such innocent times. Bring back the giant enemy crabs that actually happened in actual ancient actual Japan, I reckon ;)

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