Yet another quick catch-up entry. Progress is as follows:

Lumines Live – bugger all progress. A couple of scores in the high-300-thousands (using the Rockin’ Holiday Pack, which seems a lot easier than the Advanced, and I haven’t even clocked the skins yet), but nothing new unlocked.

Geometry Wars – oooooh, something’s coming together. First, I managed to string together a stack of inspired dodge-and-shoot, netting me 1,000,315 points – and an Achievement! Quite proud of that, especially considering it was built on an utterly craptacular first-life score of under 100,000. Followed that up the next day with a first-life score of 465,000 – another Achievement. Feeling good about Geommie Wars now…

Stranger’s Wrath – didn’t play it.

Phantom Hourglass – didn’t play it. But a bit of travel over Christmas bodes well.

Super Mario Galaxy – oh my word yes. Finished with Mario – all 120 stars, including the complete bastardry of Luigi’s Purple Coins (a pain made worse when you find a YouTube video of someone grabbing all 150 coins… playing as Luigi). Have started playing as Luigi now, a touch over 30 coins in… his slip-slidey nature, of course, adds a little to the difficulty level, but the first Cosmic Luigi race I attempted left me aghast – Cosmic Luigi seems a much more cluey individual than his shorter, fatter brother.

So there you go. Feeling a bit of a hankering to tackle Killer 7 soon, but one of these buggers is going to be wrapped up first…

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