Killer PhaNWrath

Wow. Now that was a wacky week.

Killer7finished in about 15 hours. What a fantastic headfuck! I loved this; just giving it a little break before attacking the harder skill level (then Killer8, then Hopper7).

Stranger’s Wrath – just started a second play-through. Lovely game :)

N2O – a new one this week (as well as Killer7). Ace game, though it still feels a bit loose to control. My recently-obtained PS1 memory card makes all the difference, here, as it means I can save high-scores and forget all those arcane level codes. Level 8, half-a-million points so far.

Phantom Hourglass – ummmm… I found a ship part. And a Courage Gem. Still have six million of each left to find, however.

Lumines Live, Geometry Wars – didn’t play either. I still don’t trust Live.

Microsoft have announced (probably to avoid a class-action suit… oops, too late) that there’ll be some sort of compensation for the Live issues over the New Year period… here’s hoping it’s points. Rez HD is a-coming… :D

One thought on “Killer PhaNWrath”

  1. Let me know how you get on with Killer7. I bought it and played 10minutes then got distracted, it’s only gotten serious play for me on the Wii.

    I like it, but it has a pet peeve of really …. slow …. text that gets on my nerves (being a fast skim reader ‘n all).

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