Hot on the heels of my 2010 Gaming Resolutions, I’ve managed to knock a couple of games off The List already. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was conquered in little more than a week, starting on Christmas Day and being wrapped up on the second day of the New Year. All ship parts were obtained (using massive whoring of the Temple of the Ocean King), and I also learned to love the archery mini-game. I even managed to catch a stowfish!

Late December saw Microsoft offer some discounts on Xbox Live goodies, so I bought Shadow Complex sight-unseen. Initially impressive, I’m now suffering some buyer’s remorse – the first hour is thrilling stuff, but thereafter it manages to feel like a bit of a grind. There’s something about the presentation of the game that also triggers memories of Undertow – fair enough, I guess, with Chair Entertainment responsible for both titles – but that also reminded me at how underappreciated that game was. Chair needs to work on their character models, too – some of the cutscenes were terrifying. I’ve since had nightmares about Claire’s teeth.

Another impromptu purchase was The Maw, which utterly charmed me in its demo form. A beautiful, concise game, it only took a handful of hours to 100% the game… but it was perfectly weighted.

So there you have it. Two games done. Short and sweet, since I’m not really in a writing mood. Next week, however… Bayonetta. I’ve been waiting for this game since the very first trailer, I’m going to be completely crap at it… but I’ll love every second :)

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