Notes from Skyloft…

As I suspected, all I’ve got room for is a collection of scribbles that I recorded in between playing Skyward Sword. Long story short: the first three hours were mind-numbingly boring. The next thirty-seven hours, however, were utterly fantastic. I’m just heading into the final dungeon, ten minutes shy of hitting forty hours, and it feels like there’s so much left to do. In the last couple of hours the game has opened up yet again.

Put simply, Skyward Sword is a Proper Game. A bloody brilliant Proper Game.

And now, here’s some notes.

2011 11 28 :: Just finished second dungeon/temple… boss fight was fucking fantastic. Forgot to mention the inbuilt hint system and all-round approachability… I’m vowing to avoid GameFAQs for this playthrough :)

2011 12 01 :: End of the first act… who needs HD? This 480p stuff looks pretty bloody good.

2011 12 03 :: Wind Waker Redux? Hell no – it’s so much better. The time shifting mechanic? Chasing the pirate ship? Magnificent.

2011 12 04 :: Christ, this just keeps getting better and better.

Hopefully this will wrap up soon, because it’s becoming quite enveloping. On the other hand, I don’t want it to end…

7 thoughts on “Notes from Skyloft…”

  1. Somewhere else, Petee said:
    You don’t have a Wii/Gamecube? If not, the three Zeldas (Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword – though you could skip TP if you liked), plus No More Heroes and Killer7, make it absolutely worthwhile to own the console :)

    SlashBite said:
    I do own both the Gamecube and Wii, but I barely get to play them due to the amount of time I spent on the xbox360. But the games I did play were mainly the Mario Kart series and Smash Bros series. I have both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess laying around, but couldn’t get into Twilight Princess and haven’t even touched Wind Waker. I know, bad SlashBite, BAD SlashBite. I did play Pikmin though. And I enjoyed it.

  2. See, that’s where the imperious List (and, more importantly, the spreadsheet behind it) won’t let me off so lightly. Not only do I have my GamerScore percentage teasing me, but all the other games on all my other platforms, too :}

    And give Twilight Princess a chance; as I said nearly five years ago, it starts very slow… and, if anything, Skyward Sword has an even slower start. But once those games get going, they’re fantastic :)

  3. I can kind of understand that… especially if you’re chasing GamerScore (as you will be with the upcoming GTASC ;)

    But, despite all the great games on the 360, it’s hard for me to ignore the Wii. In fact, I got into a bit of a stoush at work this week, accusing a co-worker who labelled it a “kid’s machine” as hopelessly ill-informed (and a few other things, too – I got a bit passionate). Sure, the ratio of misses to hits may be a bit higher on the Wii, but it has regularly featured in my Game Of The Year deliberations…

  4. My main problem with Wii excellence is it so difficult to get time on it. Our Wii is hooked up to the family TV, a god-awful decision on my part, but it is the only room in the house with the necessary space to do Wii Sports which was our first encounter with the console. I have Xenoblade and Monster Hunter waiting for me to apply the time they require, and I have no clue when that will be.

    Glad to see you loving SS Pete, I’m feeling similar love, on a far smaller timescale of play however, for Skyrim right now. It utterly engrosses me when I am playing and hours disappear in moments. Which is how gaming damn well should be.

  5. Hi Steve – long time no see! I’ll let you know next time I’m over your side of the country; we really must catch up :)

    After my battle with Skyward Sword, I’m utterly convinced that my concerted avoidance of Skyrim is a righteous decision… if only for my sanity. You’ve no idea how daunting I find the very idea of returning to Skyloft at the moment, and that’d only be a lazy hundred hour commitment; imagine if I was to get indoctrinated into the Elder Scrolls series! Madness.

    Hope you’re well, mate – get stuck into that Monster Hunter. I hear it’s an easy com-PETE-ion ;)

  6. HA! You really should pop back in to The Rodent – the com-PETE-ion thread still lives, and the hordes would love to see you back there again.

    As for finishing Monster Hunter – I highly doubt it! I’d like to try – I’ve enjoyed it so far. I like different stuff, and that one fits the bill.

    Definitely let me know when you are Eastwards again.

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