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Lordy! Posting to my own blog two days in a row! Who’d have thunk it.

But events warrant such outlandish action! For one thing, fire up your 360 and pop on over to Live Marketplace and download the latest Marble Blast Ultra map pack; it’s a mere 200 MS Points to buy, contains a bunch of new multiplayer maps (three of which are great, one is a shocker, and another scared me just to look at it). There’s another new Achievement wodged in there too, which is pretty easy to snaffle with a bit of online play. I really like this approach to MBU‘s DLC, and firing it up again today just demonstrated how lovely the gameplay is. Can’t wait for the next map pack.

After goading a mate at work into trying to pick my next Target Game from The List (go on, readers – what game do you think my focus should be on next?), I realised that I hadn’t updated it to contain World of Goo, purchased from the US Wii Shop via a bit of Homebrew Channel hackery. So I’ve rectified that omission and, inspired by typing the word “goo”, decided to fire it up again. And it’s still as brilliant as when I first laid eyes on it (then promptly ignored for a month).

The end of Level 3 is a real treat, right up there with the emotional brainfuckery of Braid – but without the headachey bits. And tonight I managed to finish the game – but I’ve still got 38 (fittingly-named) OCD ranks to snaffled before Completion. I’ll say it again – an absolutely fantastic game, well in contention for Game of the Year.

Speaking of which, at the moment my yearly highlights are Rez HD, Braid, No More Heroes, and World of Goo – with a bit of Burnout Paradise thrown in for good measure. What about you?

3 thoughts on “Quick Notes…”

  1. On the Marble Blast Ultra maps, I am unsure what to do. I have the points to get the pack but if I do that, then I won’t have enough points for any of the other recent or upcoming DLC that I want, nay, need to continue my completion adventure. I have 900MS points, meaning either A) get the MBU maps and then miss out on other stuff until I get some more, or, B) delay the MBU maps and purchase something else like GRID’s recent DLC that has added achievements to that game, or Fable 2’s upcoming DLC.

    As for Game Of The Year nominations, oh gee. There are quite a lot of titles that I would like to choose from XBLA titles like Portal: Still Alive and Geometry Wars 2 to games like Fable 2 and Mirror’s Edge.

    As I think about it though it probably boils down to three titles for me; Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout 3 or Braid.

    Choosing between those is going to be impossible and to think, all these games are only on 360…

  2. Not anymore.

    You can always rely on the better half to surprise you with the simple gifts in life, eh? ;)

    Played Marble Blast Ultra earlier this evening for about 3 hours. Still can’t believe how addictive it can be, even 3 years on (almost) since its release.

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