No More Heroes: Game Saves

Being the O/C freak I am, it wasn’t enough that I finish No More Heroes on the most difficult skill level (in both PAL and NTSC versions); oh no, I had greater plans in store.

As you may have gathered from my previous post, the main spectacles in No More Heroes are the boss fights. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to select a particular boss battle after-the-fact, so I figured the best thing to do would be to create a stack of save files, positioned such that the save is just before each boss battle.

And so I present the following files unto you, dear reader. Each file has the four available save slots occupied as follows:

  1. A Cleared game, saved after beating Henry on Bitter. All collectables collected, all Gold Medals obtained (except on PAL – missing some Free Fight Golds there), and tons of money earned so you don’t have to do any side missions if you don’t want to.
  2. Sweet: saved just before ranked fight.
  3. Mild: saved just before ranked fight.
  4. Bitter: saved just before ranked fight.

Thus, if you download the “Rank 3” files below, you’ll be able to tackle the battle for Rank 3 at all difficulty levels to determine for yourself that, yes, Shinobu is an utter bitch on Bitter. But a totally rewarding bitch :)

Sadly, you’ll probably find that these files will load up the Bitter save in Slot 1 by default; to revert to one of the other skill levels, wait until you’re back in-game, hit the “+” button, navigate to “Data” and then load the save-slot of choice.

To copy these onto your Wii, drop the “private” folder (from the desired archive below) into the root of an SD Card, then pop that into the Wii and transfer the data from the SD Card to your Wii system memory. Remember, you can only have one of these game save files on your Wii at a time, so make sure you back up your existing save game first! (Again, copy it onto a SD Card, then copy it from the SD Card to someplace safe. Of course, you’re doing that with all your current saves anyway, aren’t you? Because I’m not going to be held responsible if you lose all your hard-earned progress just because you wanted to sneak a peek at one of these save games ;)

Make sure you download the correct version of the file: “NTSC” files should suit the US, Canada, and other NTSC parts of the world (Wii code is “RNHE”); “PAL” files should be good for European / Oceanic countries (and, I’m guessing, all PAL regions, with Wii code “RNHP”). I suspect neither will work in Japan, unfortunately.

Fight for Rank 10: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 9: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 8: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 7: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 6: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 5: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 4: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 3: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 2: PAL | NTSC
Fight for Rank 1: PAL | NTSC
Final Fight: PAL | NTSC

…and, as an extra special bonus, here’s the excellent Zero Punctuation review and frothy Edge review of No More Heroes.


16 thoughts on “No More Heroes: Game Saves”

  1. Hello!

    You have a good job!

    Excuse my bad english.

    I have a doubt. If I download fight for rank 8, for example, the fourth slot save have all katanas brought, full health and anymore else?

    Thank you and (have a nice day)


  2. Hi Manu!

    Yep – the fourth slot would be saved just before the Rank 8 fight, but I would’ve been using the Tsubaki Mk-III at the time. If you wanted to use another katana, you’d have to quit the level & get it from the Motel :}

    All katanas (and t-shirts, too ;) are unlocked.

    Have fun! :D

  3. Hi, again

    maximum vitality and maximum gym training in that fourth slot save?

    Thank for yor fast response.


  4. I passed No more heroes in mild difficult and I saw real ending. My problem is that i was not to the gym and in the new level (bitter) I cannot win Shinobu (bad bad bitch!).
    This is the reason because I look a game saved on bitter with maximum health and strenght


  5. No problems. Be warned, though – Shinobu is very, very tough on Bitter. But, as I said in my Year in Review piece, that battle completely changed the way I think about boss battles… and remains one of my favourite gaming moments in the last couple of years :D

  6. hahahaha,

    I had win Shinobu the first time, with 45% health still!!

    But, curiosly, Destroy Man win me about three times. This night I kill him. I promise.

    On bitter, this game is more amazing.

    Bye and have a nice day



    I finally win Destroy Man with Travis¨s 1% vitality. Uauhhh

    This afternoon I kill Holly Summer!!


  8. Ah, I love Holly – such a wonderful character. Bad Girl is great, too.

    …bugger it. They’re all awesome. It’s just that Shinobu is that little bit more awesome ;)

  9. hi, pete!

    I have a doubt i dont find in NMH forums.

    How do I perform a charge attack combo (travis jumping with his charged katana and beat to the enemy. This combo is mortal)?

    Thanks pete.


  10. Manu – sorry for the lax reply :}

    I think what you’re after is the lunge attack – well, that’s what I call it, anyway. If you’re locked onto a target and simply flick the nunchuck forward with your wrist, Travis will leap towards the target and unleash a powerful attack… for most of the minions, it’s a one-hit kill.

    Certainly the best way to tackle the approach to Dark Star / Jeane on Bitter :)

  11. MAN!!!! you got what i was looking for!!! this is a great idea having the save files 4 every especific boss (sometimes they are a bit anoying or to difficult to beat )

  12. Thanks fer, I hope they help you out :)

    I disagree about the “annoying” bit, though – I loved each and every one of them in their own special way ;)

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