More Of The Same…

It’s been a relatively compressed gaming week, with three days and nights being taken up by the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. What gaming time I did have, though, was devoted to Wind Waker.

Thanks to a mate in Melbourne – hi, Spencer! – who chucked a much-loved GBA and Connect cable into the mail for me, I’ve managed to complete a 100% run of Celda. All Heart Pieces. All items, except maybe the odd ocean rupee. All pictographs, including Tingle’s brother Knuckle. All Tingle statues. And I even became Orca’s master (resulting in the acknowledging smile of “Master, is your left index finger not numb?” after having locked onto Orca for 1000 consecutive hits). And so, with the defeat of Ganondorf, I could well have packed Wind Waker away and struck it off The List

…if it weren’t for the subtle changes wedged into the New Game Plus. Hylian translations, new clothes for Link and Aryll (“You got the Hero’s New Clothes… What the…? Wow! They’re really light…”). Just the type of things that would gnaw away at my OCD were I to ignore them. So I’m off on another 100% playthrough, though this one should be much quicker: the pictograph subquest carries over into New Game Plus and doesn’t need repeating, and there’ll be a lot less backtracking this time.

And then… well, who knows. A return to one of my many open projects, I guess.

7 thoughts on “More Of The Same…”

  1. Okay seriously, I want/need to replay this game sometime in the near future. The same applies to a certain other title that, well you know…

    Actually screw it — I do believe it’s time to run through the entire series again. It’s certainly worth doing time and time again and I’ve always wanted to write about the franchise and individual games anyway, ever since starting to write about games in more depth. It’s just one of those franchises, I suppose.

    Now if only that list of titles that plague my mind each and every day dwindled at a quicker pace than what they’re reaching currently…

  2. The entire series? Are you sure? Because I’d have a hard time facing the second playthrough of the original Zelda, or the final stretch of Zelda II again :}

  3. Congrats on a full 100% single playthorough.
    that second play should be a doddle and maybe
    even a little more enjoyable without the constant ocd tug in various directions.

  4. Hey ho Spencer – I didn’t know you read this drivel ;)

    Thanks again for access to the GBA – I was seriously looking at snaffling one on eBay just to satisfy my OCD, so the option to not gather more clutter was greatly appreciated.

    And yes – the second run-through is already progressing very smoothly. Bloody good fun, too, now that I’m not obsessing over all those pictographs :)

  5. Well when I said series, I meant the series of games in the franchise I actually own. I don’t own the first two games nor have I ever played them, so yeah they weren’t included. Still I would be quite keen on checking them out for the sake of it, just to see where it all began and etc.

    Does the Virtual Console on the Wii have them? I’m not sure as I only just got my Wii (literally, today) and haven’t been able to get it connected to this here fumbled interwebs just yet.

  6. Steven – yep, they’re both on Virtual Console… check out the full list here. The original is a great game, if a little esoteric late in the game; Zelda II is very much an acquired taste. Great for grinding, though ;)

    About time you got a Wii, though! What pushed you over the edge?

  7. My mother, believe it or not. One of her friends bought one brand new a month or so ago and then had to sell it, it was offered to mum for a nice cheap price and so she bought it on my behalf. Of course that means I just own Wii Sports for now but once my wallet fills up you can guarantee I will finally be getting my hands on Metroid and Mario. I’ve been waiting too long to get my hands on those games, Metroid in particular. /fanboy

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