Short and sharp this week: Wind Waker is done. Two play-throughs, 100% items & collectibles in both, and the second run had everything I could think of done: all platforms, all caves, every ring-of-light I could find on the Great Sea, every Tingle-related sidequest… I even collected all the Blue ChuChus. So that’s it… Off The List.

Two new games have been started: the easy one is Katamari Damacy. Starting from scratch, two sessions have seen me finish the game and collect 82% of all items – let’s face it, it’s not a long game, but it is still a joy to play (except when you’re 4mm short of a katamari size to unlock an Eternal level with ten seconds left to play and you can’t see anything because you’re trapped in a house and the camera is zooming out). The goal here is 100% items, all Eternals, 100% the “final” level, 90%+ for the Constellations, and within 10cm of the North Star. We’ll see how I go.

The other game… well, this one I’ve only played briefly before. It’s called Find A New Location For The MooBaarn, aka House Hunting. And what a frustrating game it is! Crappy time to be playing it, too.

4 thoughts on “KatamariWaker”

  1. Yeah what with all the other games vying for the same piece of turf and each with their own supposed ‘selling points’. Be much better to play it around the holiday season now that a few have had their developments pushed back to next year. Wait, what are we discussing again? ;)

    As for Katamari, props my good friend. Love that game and its sequel We Love Katamari too. Would like to get my hands on the other installments some day, but then again maybe not given the 360 version’s harder than necessary to complete rubbish (thanks to DLC).

  2. We Love Katamari is going to be an interesting one, I reckon. I’ve only had one session on it (the weekend after it was released) and recall being less than impressed; then again, I’d only had one session (albeit a week long) on Wind Waker prior to this run, too :)

    I considered getting Katamari for the 360, but eventually decided against it because – for the first time ever – I don’t think the 360’s controller lends itself to the game. The symmetrical nature of the DualShock seems far more sensible for Katamari-ing.

  3. Shame you didnt get the 360 version of katamari.

    I need somebody to help me get the silly amount of multiplayer
    cookies you have to collect.

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